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Division 3


Chalet 19

Contact: Marion Fitt                Tel: 07889 767551

Terrain: The Cottage, Thunder Lane,

Thorpe St Andrew, NR7 0JD

Players: Marion Fitt, Gill Sargeant, George McDougall

 Aurora Assailly, Gerald Asailly, Louis Woodbine


Diss Flyers

Contact:Sue Wetherell  Tel:07896439596(Sue)/01379308578(Sally)

Terrain: Diss Football Club, Brewers Lane, Diss IP22 4QP

Players: Sue Wetherell, Sally Payne, Sheila Holden,

Colin Parmenter, Debbie Davey, Gerry Jamieson,

Pat Willis, Chris Bartrum, Rush Shorter



The Dream Team

Contact: Sue Mitchell        Tel: 07748 271795

Terrain: Bob Carter Centre, Drayton, NR8 6DN

Players: Sue Mitchell, Judith Brown, Ron Owen,

Duncan Brown, Peter Hardy, Ann Hardy, Jack Neil

The Foxes

Contact: James Day        Tel: 01603 714381/07475 090800

Terrain: Lingwood Village Hall, Station Road,

Lingwood, NR13 4AZ

Players: James Day, Tracey Watering, Leslie Watering,

Christine Frost, Colin Frost, Kiri Watering, Christine Whitehead


Contact: John Monk     Tel: 07850862888

Terrain: Bob Carter Centre, Drayton, NR8 6DN

Players: Simon Doble, Jon Monk, Nigel Sayer,

Derek Steele, Ian Cunnison


The Wandering Snowmen

Contact: Richard Green       Tel: 07851 439465/01603 484626

Terrain: Wanderers St Faiths, Horsham St Faiths, NR10 3LF

Players: Richard Green, Ros Taylor, Mel Parkerson,

Rosemary Creamer, Robert Cole

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