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City of Norwich Winter Pétanque League – 2018-19 season Presentation of League Trophies & Inter-

The presentation of trophies to the Division winners will take place at The Bob Carter Centre, Drayton, on Sunday 7th April at 10 a.m. Could the winning captains please arrange for a representative of their team to be there.

The Annual Inter-Divisional League tournament will follow the presentations. Again, would all teams arrange to be represented by at least one player. Extra players are always needed at this event, so if you come along we will to give everyone a game. As we have only had 3 divisions this year extra players will be needed to make up a “4th division” so that players are not left hanging about waiting for a game.

For those of you new to the Winter League this season, the format of the competition is as follows.

· At least 6 players from each division plus any extras will make up the 4 teams – “Premiership”, “Div 1”, “Div 2” and “Extras”.

· Each “team” will play each other once – therefore 3 rounds are played.

· Each round will be made up of a Triple, a Pair and a Single (as in the Winter league matches).

· Scores will be added up after each round and the competition winner will be the team with the most wins and the best points difference.

· A handicap system is used to award points to teams when playing against a division above them in the League.

The competition is normally over by 1.30pm. Refreshments and toilet facilities are available in the Bob Carter Centre.

To assist with the organisation on the day would all captains advise Glenn Harcourt in advance of the name of their representative(s) for the inter-divisional tournament. If any team will not be represented please advise accordingly.

Well done to everyone who played in the league this year – we look forward to seeing you on Sunday 7th April.

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